Ryan Reynolds and Lively were caught together in matching clothes made of corduroy. Reynolds wore blue khakis, a blue cardigan, a green corduroy jacket and Nike sneakers. Lively and stylish, he wore light-wash jeans, a $1,875 Moncler corduroy puffer coat, and $150 Nike Air Max 90 NRG sneakers, both of which are available to get at Nordstrom. Don’t delay!

 The most important thing to take away from www.oursnetwork.com oursnetwork ours network Website ours network com this -in addition to the fact that Lively and Reynolds have a common goal and that Reynolds is the queen of high-low style It is that, while puffers truly come in all shapes, colors, and materials but the one made of corduroy could just be the most cool (and most fashionable) of them all.