Learn to balance your proportions. The art of balancing proportions is to style your outfits to create an overall harmony in appearance. This is achieved through wearing clothes that flatter your body. If you’re looking to experiment with unusual or large-sized clothes shapes, make it an occasion to be fashionable by keeping the rest of the style trimmed. Consider, for example, pairing an oversized crop top with wide-leg jeans or a puff-shoulder top and straight-leg trousers.

 Find your unique style. It may take www.dotechnology.co.uk dotechnology do technology Website do technology co uk a long time to establish a unique style, but you can start by making a mood board. Personal style is an experiment. You don’t realize the incredible styles you might find until you enter the dressing room. The terms “menswear” and “womenswear” don’t have to dictate the way you shop. Take time to play with different shapes and colors to find what looks great on your individual body.