Lively was seen hand in hand alongside Ryan Reynolds in coordinating corduroy outfits — yep, the ’70s are back baby and we’re on board for it. Reynolds wore blue khakis as well as a blue cardigan. He also was wearing an Nike sneaker and an orange corduroy jacket. Lively enjoy-sports-life enjoy sports life Website enjoy sports life com Reynolds matched her look in light-washed jeans, a Moncler puffer coat in corduroy. It costs $1,875 and $150 Nike Air Max 90 NRG sneakers. The latter two can still be purchased at Nordstrom. Don’t delay!

 In addition to the fact that Reynolds and Lively are two goals and the most important thing to take away is that puffers can be found in many forms colours and designs. However, the most fashionable and trendy puffer is the corduroy.